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Thomas the Freight Train

Story by Derek Reynolds December 19th, 2013

I didn't intend on creating a new life when I moved to San Francisco – just a continuation of the one I always had. I've moved across the country before, but now at only 400 miles away I feel farther than ever. I miss out on a lot back home especially with family so it was really special to finally see my younger brother, Tommy, compete in a wrestling match.


I had never been to a wrestling meet before. It was interesting to pick up on the rhythm of a match. Matches are broken up in to a few timed segments. Wrestlers are awarded points for various moves and take downs all while the clock is running. Action is stopped and started in varying positions. The match can end early if one of the wrestler's shoulders are pinned to the mat.


This was his first varsity match in his weight class. He didn't win, but he was fucking tough. It nearly brought me to tears seeing how defeated he felt after. He's really grown up a lot in the last few years. I was proud.

Footnote: Shot w/ Fuji x100s and processed w/ VSCO Film 03
Dana Point, CA, United States